ANNA BIGNAMI: Guitarist, Composer, Arranger 




Anseo  (Dublin Ireland)

DCU lunchtime concert (Dublin Ireland)

Music Temple (Brescia, Italy)

Art Cafè (Dublin, Ireland)

Art Cafè (Dublin, Ireland) 


Music Temple (Brescia Ita)

Radio Dublino

Italian Fusion Festival (Bello Bar, Dublin) 


National Concert Hall, Studio (Dublin, Ireland)

Jazz co-op Workman's Vintage Room (Dublin, Ireland)


SISUCUNDA National Concert Hall (Dublin, Ireland)

RACHEL HYNES QUARTET National Concert Hall (Dublin, Ireland)

SISUCUNDA (Jazz co-op at Workman's Vintage Room Dublin, IE)

Anna Bignami is an Italian guitar player, composer and arranger based in Dublin Ireland. 

After her first encounter with the guitar at the age of fourteen in a small music school in her home town she quickly moved to Dublin to expand her knowledge of music, particularly contemporary jazz. 

Her playing can be both traditional and personal, lyrical and technical showcasing her facility on the instrument acquired over a four-year course at Dublin City University in jazz and contemporary music.

Taking lessons from the best jazz musicians in the country, she could explore not only the performative side of music but also the more intimate compositional side which she has always put a lot of energy in, ever since she started playing.  

Anna Bignami’ s music blends characteristics of the Italian jazz tradition with contemporary harmony and grooves. The result could be described as a meeting between minimalistic romantic melodies and dissonant chromatic harmonies, a balance and a contrast between simple and obscure.

Anna also puts a lot of emphasis on arrangement and orchestration focusing on what every instrument can and cannot do, the different textures, sounds and ultimately the different colours the instruments can create. 

Some of her achievements in the academic world include the Higher certificate in arts and contemporary music performance and a scholarship awarded by Berklee College of Music. 


Piuma is an Italian / Finnish duo composed of Anna Bignami on guitar and Otso Kasperi Mielonen on bass. Piuma is based in Dublin, Ireland. Since the beginning, Piuma has been an active participant in the Irish jazz scene.

Our vision with Piuma is to explore various styles of music in a duo setting. Piuma is our vehicle to exploring the music of Ireland, Italy, Scandinavia and more, letting the music of different cultures intertwine with one another.

Brixia trio

The Brixia trio has performed on a number of occasions in Italy, Anna's home country, displaying jazz standards as well as original compositions


MARE NOSTRUM is Anna Bignami's very own project, a quintet composed of Richard Ng on Tenor sax, Rachel Hynes on Piano, Otso Kasperi Mielonen on bass and Faolan Collins on drums. 

Her compositions reflect her need to explore harmony and melody in a mix of heartfelt ballads and dark nasty atmospheres. 

It's a give and take between what the ear wants to hear and what is unexpectedly complex and subtly beautiful.

MARE NOSTRUM has played in a number of venues in Dublin Ireland amongst which the prestigious National Concert Hall. 



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