I believe that music is one of the best most universal ways to tell humanity of the future what humanity was like in the past not scientifically, not historically, not objectively but how it was like at the deepest levels of consciousness and emotions.

Anna Bignami is an italian Jazz composer, arranger and guitarist based in Aarhus, Denmark. She composes and arranges contemporary jazz pieces for Big Band and other large jazz ensembles, taking inspisration from great artists like Miho Hazama, Maria Schneider and Bob Brookmeyer. Her music can be described as oxymoronic between simplicity and complexity, transparent in the story telling, rich of grandiose and compelling sonorities despite the fluidity with which it suthes the listeners ears. She reflects on her cultural heritage paying tribute to masterpieces of italian literature never before spoken through musical terms.

She started out as a very frustrated 16 year-old girl who, being very unhappy with school and only dedicating time to school work, decided to learn to play the guitar, also inspired by her father’s love for the Rolling Stones and other Rock’n Roll bands of the British Invasion. After only a few private lessons with a local rock guitarist she decided that was it: she was going to dedicate her life to music. That lead her to Dublin where she completed the Bachelor of Arts in Jazz and Contemporary Music Performance.

The Dublin period really contributed into shaping Anna’s way of making music. In the course she was met with incredible jazz recordings, challenging music theory, the study of composition and advanced harmony and with orchestrial jazz and contemporary classical music.

After graduating and after a year of full-time work at a local school’s canteen She moved to Denmark to be a masters student at the Royal Academy of Music and to persue the dream of becoming a Big Band leader and conductor. Her fascination with the art of conducting also shapes the sound of her music today where she includes classical elements that the jazz aficionados aren’t so used to hear.

I want to convey Beauty! Not the flowery foney magazine like beauty but the feeling of being in the precence of something beautiful. I want the listeners to feel, no matter the charachter of the piece, which could be sad, anxious, happy, melancholic, the beauty in the range of human emotions.



If you have ever wondered how to use those complicated chords then this will be the series for you! I promise you it won't be anything tedious, NOT A HARMONY CLASS! my series will be mostly listening carefully to the sounds that those chords create. I am officially inviting you on my journey to understand polytonality, I hope you will follow along. I will give you all the details in the next posts. 

In the first chapter we will explore the concept of upper structures, not in a conventional way, but we will rather use it to create some dissonant but beautiful harmonies. There are more than 200 combinations so stay tuned!! JUNE 1ST!!!

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My Fascination with band leading and conducting goes back to my final year of college where I started thinking of how I was going to develop professionally. 

Conducting is the best way composers have to participate in the performance of the music they make. Being able to understand the role of the conductor and the impact he/she has in performance as well as in rehearsal has opened me new doors for composition! I believe this aspect of band leading, even with the presence of amazing artists and conductors such as Miho Hazama and Maria Schneider, in jazz is still lacking the precision and the dedication of a classical conductor. 

Is it because most jazz orchestra pieces don't allow it? 

The Reticent Jazz ensemble

- up and coming project.

The Reticent jazz ensemble is a newly formed Big Band featuring musicians from Det Jyske Musikkonservatorium and lead by Anna Bignami. This ensemble strives to be an honourable addition to the danish and international music scene by performing original music with a focus on story telling.  Where the artist is not willing to compromise complexity in favour of accessibility, Anna tries to incorporate an unequivocable message into her complex sonorities. 

the reticent Jazz ensemble is currently involved into an up and coming project featuring actors, writers and directors from the Danish Scenekunstskole, with the prospect of performing at the Aarhus Studenthuset and at Aarhus Efterskole as well as possibly in the capital city of Copenhagen. 

The project titled "3 Objekter: Nogle Selvbilleder" explores the world of musical theater in a cross disciplinary encounter between the world of contemporary jazz improvised music and the world of modern theater. The monologues inspred by Howar Barker's play: "13 Objects" are centred oround the topic of Self-image, the duality between our identity and who we are expected to be by society.  (see the active projects section for more info). 

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